Witnessing the Edge of AV Revolution at InfoComm 2019


Organised by AVIXA, InfoComm is to the AV industry what the Cannes Film Festival is to film buffs – exhilarating and sensational. As in every year, we witnessed some good installations, some proprietary AV technology and then, some unforgettable audiovisual experiences. Seriously, we can’t stop thinking about these groundbreaking installations at InfoComm 2019 in Mumbai:

Epson 4K Laser Projectors

A blessing for boardrooms in corporate offices, Epson offers hassle-free projection in its truest form. Incorporating 3LCD technology and employing a laser-light source lets it promise you a 20,000-hr maintenance-free period. Besides, 3LCD technology means not just exceptional color accuracy but vivid color brightness across any and every presentation. With virtually no stand-by time for the Epson 4K projector to power on or off, meetings and presentations become faster, smoother and more time-efficient.

Unified Communications

In a world where information is available immediately, why is there a lapse in communication? If you flashback-ed to all the meetings where Skype refused to behave, we don’t blame you. The onset of Unified Communications promised not only effective but secure communication too. This meant integrating voice, video and data traffic in one network infrastructure.

With Bring Your Own Device policy becoming a norm across offices, 5G technology along with upgrades across cloud computing, AI and Internet of Things are predicted to transform Unified Communications. Along with security, your meetings and video conferences across boardrooms and collaboration spaces are about to become more seamless.



Propelling collaboration at meetings and otherwise, T1V offers a simple way to collaborate, share devices and video conference wirelessly. With the all-new T1V for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces, teams can share devices, screen, view and even digitally point and control the Hub from their devices. With unlimited whiteboards that allow basic annotations, every meeting becomes productive.

VuWall – Videowall Management Software

Hassle-free video streaming and display summarizes VuWall’s function. Among other features, the most exhilarating one has to be VuWall’s CoScape, a wireless presentation system. Allowing video control over one software platform, it is a godsend for control and collaboration rooms.Equipped with auto-detection and automated window arrangement, you can stream videos across a range of screen sizes without breaking a sweat. Scalable and user-friendly, VuWall lets you visualize on any display!


Extron NAV

If you have seen the throbber (the loading symbol) more frequently than the video (content) you were streaming, you know, firsthand, the pain of video conferencing. Extron NAV uses Video-over-IP to offer a flawless and a high-quality video and audio experience. It not only promises low-lag, but also uses periods of low motion video to enhance your video streaming. While significantly cutting down on your bandwidth needs with PURE3, it employs its NAVigator tool to securely manage large deployments by ensuring encryption, message authentication and data integrity across all your video streams.

Crestron UC

A godsend for workspaces across the world, Crestron Unified Communications is a product of Crestron’s collaboration with Microsoft. Crestron UC simplifies conferencing, collaboration, presentation and room scheduling by seamlessly integrating Microsoft products and platforms. With the Crestron XiO Cloud platform, you can now manage, monitor and deploy any Crestron device.

Sviatovid by BART KRESA

A leap in projection mapping, Sviatovid was created by the same company that brought us Shogyo Muyo, an installation of a music-responsive skull, with the artist Joshua Harker. This mindblowing 360° projection-mapped sculpture used four PT-RQ32K Panasonic laser projectors to recreate Svetovid, an ancient Slavic symbol. Our personal favorite at the InfoComm 2019, we predict the Sviatovid will disrupt events, marketing and so much more in the near future!

Bose EdgeMax

Promising all the volume sans the bulk, Boss EdgeMax incorporates room-filling coverage in its sublime in-ceiling model. With its proprietary PhaseGuide technology, Bose offers 180° coverage with the EM180 model and a 90° coverage with EM90. Now, your conferences and events can offer an excellent audio experience with significantly lesser units of speakers.