Case Studies

Saving Lives: Beyond Medicine Towards Meaningful Patient Care

Board Room


A world-class specialist of healthcare services, CitiusTech wanted to exhibit the scope of their products' functionality in real-time scenarios. Serving as a strategic partner to the largest global healthcare providers, CitiusTech aspires to demonstrate state-of-the-art technology through an 'Innovation Lab'.

Background and Challenges

  • Synergize healthcare, innovation and audio-visual technology in a meaningful way
  • Build and integrate AV systems that demonstrate meaningful patient care
  • Adeptly convey the full scope of healthcare automation our client can deliver

Identifying that a solution flow model would better narrate their expertise, O2K's office experts set to work incising, crafting and birthing this concept to reality - after all the full scope of CitiusTech’s services is best appreciated when demonstrated live.

Solutions Provided


To help healthcare organisations better appreciate the scope of our client’s service, their space was bifurcated into 4 zones:

Reception & Interaction Zone | Hospital Hotspot | Radiology Zone | Work & Demonstration Zone

Board Room
  • Highlight the scope and range of services offered by enabling dynamic content in the Reception area
  • Dual 4K LED display to allow multiple participants to interact simultaneously
  • Seamlessly integrated to a content repository to enable dynamic content display
Board Room
  • Enabling patient diagnosis at the touch of a button - on the iPad attached to the bed and on the 55” display mounted above
  • Highlighting the scope of services offered to help participants/audience revisit our client’s capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrated to a content repository to enable dynamic content display
Board Room
  • Dual 4K display for hassle-free scan analysis
  • Enabling one-touch access to scan reports
  • Seamlessly integrated to a content repository to enable dynamic content display
Board Room
  • 85” Interactive display to accommodate brainstorming and remote conferences, especially for complicated procedures
  • Immersive 4K display fitted to help seamlessly present and discuss documents, reports or any other patient files
  • ntegrated with state-of-the-art audio to cater even with the Innovation Lab at full capacity

Mindful of the ongoing crisis, this Innovation Lab is equipped to extend its immersive experience to a further audience. Catering to remote clients, our office experts have astutely enabled:

  • Intelligent zone-wise audio capturing with Shure Steerable Microphones
  • Smart auto-tracking cameras configured to track the presenter
  • Optimized audio coverage throughout the lab with in-ceiling speakers


Innovation is often a result of unfulfilled chasms, unanswered questions and even an urgent need to overhaul current processes - medicine and healthcare often being at its centre. This opportunity has helped us channel our instinct for seamless system integrations to build what we believe will be earmarked as a new age in global patient care.

Bring industry-disrupting innovation, like CitusTech did, to your office with O2K's office experts -