Microsoft Teams Rooms: The Hy-breed Solution to Accomplish More at Team Meetings


As teams become more remote, engaging everyone in the team becomes even more essential. Challenges like managing and setting up meetings for all team members, disruption within teams, and even discrepancies in connectivity have probably consumed precious time.

With the hybrid model of working becoming the norm, these challenges and obstacles are here to stay. As teams become more remote, it is essential that team meetings become more engaging and immersive.Meetings today beget a meeting solution that helps all your team members be seen, heard, and engaged without any disruptions.

A Revolutionary Solution to Hybrid Team Meetings

As meetings become hybrid, Microsoft Teams Rooms emerges as the perfect end-to-end solution for productive meetings. An official partner of Microsoft, O2K is excited to introduce their latest innovation for hybrid meetings. At the touch of a button, your team can now access immersive team meetings that are easily manageable, flexible, and secure.

Meeting Room Management


Now your team can reserve meeting rooms, log in, switch on meeting equipment, and end meetings at just the touch of a button or a voice command. With the ‘Room Remote’ capability, you can now manage room controls on the Teams app. Equipped for wireless content sharing from participants located anywhere, every meeting room is now a rich collaboration hub.

Immersive Meeting Experiences


Meetings are a hub for collaboration. But effective collaboration? It requires more than just pure intent. With Teams Rooms, your teams are equipped with collaborative whiteboarding to brainstorm, project and edit ideas and projects in real-time..

Even the way you see, hear and engage with each member has improved. Through a new immersive video layout, your teams can chat, view presentations and engage with each other simultaneously. Microsoft has leveled up meetings so every team member – no matter where they are located - feel like they are in the same space.

Seamless Secured Connections


Enjoy secure meetings easily with Microsoft’s inbuilt and impenetrable security systems. Access all your Teams devices and settings for inventory management, monitoring and delegating administration at one place. With data encryption, Microsoft extends a layer of security to not just your meetings but their output, too. Leveraging its advanced AI means all Teams Rooms are automatically updated with the latest security measures.

The Next Breed of Productive Meetings


The new hybrid model requires a more collaborative and immersive meeting experience for teams to meet efficiently and productively in order to use every bit of the team’s valuable resources. Microsoft Teams Rooms pioneers a new breed of team experience by leveraging AI and revolutionizing connectivity that makes everyone feel like they’re in the same room.

Are you ready to leverage a meeting solution that unlocks your team’s true potential? As the official partner of Microsoft, O2K is working to bring this new meeting experience to workplaces across the country. For a limited time only, your organization can now sample this experience – keep reading to discover how.