Technology meets Innovation as GoBright Promises to be the Future of Automation in Office Spaces


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted working norms across the world. With countries releasing their restrictions on lockdowns, offices are opening up making employee safety a priority. On top of following the prescribed safety standards, it is prudent that the design of offices reflect the changing norms of collaboration. Many companies, both traditional and technologically-reliant, are looking for smart ways to adapt to the new normal. Agile working, smart or hot desking, and integrating technology in the workplace seem to be the way forward.

O2K is partnering with GoBright to change the future of workspaces for good. Designing offices that reflect this future means AV systems that automate everything, from meeting room booking and desk checking to visitor management systems. With an easy-to-use interface, GoBright’s platform brings game-changing technology in the workplace using coworking software, smart office solutions and office space automation – and here is how.

Meeting at your convenience

Meetings become cumbersome when there are no-shows, interruptions, and technical or AV disruptions, affecting productivity and efficiency. Automation in office spaces is the next wise move to cope with the new normal. GoBright Meet has emerged as a revolution that facilitates meeting room booking.

  • Time-efficient meeting room bookings
  • Integrated with Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Google, Active Directory, and FMIS system
  • Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen1 interface with dedicated switch layer for host switching. – Super-speed USB hub and hub switch to seamlessly and quickly toggle between different host devices.
  • Supports embedding and extracting analog and Dante / AES67 audio
  • Ability to control automated meeting room functions via RS-232, GPIO, Ethernet and OC Sensor
  • Supports secure corporate Ethernet interfaces using SSH, SSL and HTTPS protocols

Hot Desking your way to work

Smart technology in the workplace is an inevitable part of a COVID-proof workplace. With the advent of activity-based and open-space working, GoBright’s desk booking software facilitates smart office solutions and enables you to take flexible working to the next level. GoBright offers Hot Desking via a smart app and online portal –

  • Book anytime, anywhere
  • Personal preferences preset on every check-in
  • Desk Occupancy Management at your fingertips
  • Proprietary hardware that is integrated with mapping and desk sensors
  • Revolutionary and industry-first ‘Glow’ feature allows real-time hot desk occupation status
  • Mitigates working risk and promotes hygiene

Flexible Visitor Management System

Reception areas often get busy with multiple visitors waiting their turns to be invited. GoBright Visit negates the waiting time by ensuring a seamless and professional welcome to every visitor. As a novelty in the Visitor Management Systems, GoBright’s offering has a lot more features to make lives convenient for both visitors and employees.

  • Digitized visitor registration that’s time-efficient
  • Secure storage of visitor data through the portal in GDPR compliance
  • Hassle-free check-in with instant notifications
  • Equipped with pre-registrations, custom-made design, and visitor’s badge printing
  • Integrated with Active Directory, Outlook Plugin, GoBright Room Booking

Change the way you view

GoBright View is a completely cloud-based digital signage solution that can be tailor-made to fit every need. In an organization with multitudes of people and a diversity of teams – it is essential to communicate the right information to the right team.

Enter GoBright View. User-friendly, intuitive, and designed as per the latest insights, GoBright View serves as a digital signage solution to everything from general communication and advertising to displaying KPI, dashboards and sales figures during board meetings.



As goes the old saying, “change is the only constant.” In order to adapt to the new normal, your office needs to be equipped with the novel ways that the world today works. With agile working being the future of workspaces, it is essential to integrate the right – smarter – technology in the workplace. After all, technology must work for you – not the other way around.

Equipped with everything from coworking software to room scheduling software, GoBrightxO2K help simplify automation in the offices. Office redesigning doesn’t always mean overhauling everything – it often means working smart to integrate with systems that already exist. Begin your smart work with an award-winning CTS-certified company.