Why ISE is the Mecca for Audiovisuals Systems Integrators


The biggest audiovisual trade show of 2020 flagged off at the brink of one of the biggest pandemics this world has seen. While the looming threat drastically reduced the visitor count, ISE 2020 managed to awe and inspire the audio visual systems integrators community. Setting precedent to this mega audio visual trade show was the former Disney executive, Duncan Wardle’s speech. Treading the lines of unleashing creativity within everyone, ISE 2020 began on notes of optimism and excitement.

Building to Billboard

But excitement is too subtle a word for what visitors at ISE 2020 witnessed – an entire building was transformed into a digital signage. In collaboration with Tenfeet and Biamp, laser mapping was used to continuously stream on the surface of the Elicium building. Bright LEDs, powerful visuals – it was a visual extravaganza for audio visual system integrators. And probably the most powerful endorsement to the publicity of ISE 2020.

At the ISE 2020 entrance, we knew we had arrived. But it was with this list of installations that we discovered how far we had come. Here are some of the latest AV technology at ISE 2020 that boggled our minds and captured our fancy.

1. X20 Media Brings Meetings to Order

If you work in an organization where rooms are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis, you know what a hassle meetings can become. Powered with a Meeting Room Sign 10.1 tablet, X20 Media introduces a new rigor to room scheduling.

It is integrated with leading calendar management systems in the market – Office 365 and Microsoft Office Exchange. With its touch interface, it captures data to show the real-time status of rooms and avails on-spot booking facility. X20 Media fosters meetings that are more organized and, consequently, more effective.


H2. Say ‘Aidoo!’ to Room Control Automation

A debutante to this audio visual trade show, Spanish company AIRZONE takes room control automation out of your hand. As an inverter-cum-WiFi-controller, AIDOO offers complete integration of HVAC systems, one of the latest AV technology trends in 2020.

Offering cloud control, remote diagnostics and intelligent operation programming, AIDOO is a small step in AV integration and a huge leap in building smarter offices.


3. BRIX-ing Innovation to Display

Meetings have transformed from just presentations to a hotbed of ideas and collaboration. So it is only natural that technology in meeting rooms also adapts and evolves. CTOUCH BRIX introduces its modular touchscreen display as an intelligent platform for collaboration.

Equipped with everything from screen sharing to video conferencing, BRIX can also double as an interactive whiteboard. The age of flipping projector screens is finally here and we couldn’t be happier!


4. 24x7 8K Signage Revolution by Samsung

When it comes to an eye-catching display, bigger is good but smarter is better. As homes, offices and cars become smarter, Samsung, one of the top AV integrators at ISE 2020, ensures the displays aren’t left behind. One of the latest AV technology trends in 2020 that excites us is integrating AI with AV.

Introducing the world’s first 8K display capable of operating 24x7, Samsung QLED 8K comes with HDR10+ technology, 100 percent color volume and perfect color accuracy. It is nothing short of a visual treat. But here’s the part that rocked our world – equipped with AI Quantum Processor, it can automatically upscale non-8K content to 8K resolution. This was definitely one of our favorite installations at ISE 2020.

5. AIMLINE and Speak: Digitising Audio

Optimum sound in any space – all effective audio technology must march to this beat. But ALM speakers do something better – they digitize controls while cutting down sound reflections, especially in acoustically challenging rooms. With the Dante interface that allows control over the IP network, the speakers are equipped with four 1-in tweeters that improve transmission and enhance speech intelligibility.

Integratable across small and large networks, the settings of ALM Speakers can accommodate up to 24 presets. These beam steering speakers can even run on emergency power supply.


6. Pliant for Intra-office Communication

Communication is key – especially in an enterprise that relies on frequent messaging. In situations like these, losing information to translation or messengers is simply not acceptable. One of the top AV integrators at ISE 2020, Pliant Technologies resolves this pain point.

Easy to operate and easy on the pocket, MicroCom M and MicroCom XR are wireless multi-user intercoms that offer excellent range and are built to sustain everyday wear-and-tear.


7. Christie-ning the way ahead for projection

Laser projectors have been responsible for producing Svetovid in 2019 and the breathtaking Elicium Projection at ISE 2020. Thus proved, projectors are miracle workers.

When Christie’s new offerings – HD31 and WU31 promise 31,500 ISO lumens of the powerful display at the same price of Crimson 25, it is a deal you can’t refuse. With real-time blended-image correction and reduced calibration time, this is one of the sweetest deals from one of the top AV integrators at ISE 2020.


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