The 2020 Upgrade your office needs to make!


If 2019 was the year of projection mapping, 2020 promises to be a year of harnessing technology to make smarter offices/workplaces. From Alexa for Business to OLED screens, here is your quick guide to getting a headstart on 2020 AV trends in workplaces.

More screen for more streaming

Gone are the days when you’d have to squint eyes and crane your neck to catch boss’s presentation. Welcome an era of brighter, wider and bigger screens to your office. Offering upto 170 degrees field of view, the OLED TV offers a brighter display that saves more than just your eyes – it also saves energy.

With a flexible screen, it can be installed on just about any surface. A 1000x faster than LEDs, the OLED assures real-time information display which means more than just smooth video conferencing. It also means your team can edit, share and collaborate while the meeting is in progress.

Unified Communications

In a world where information is available immediately, why is there a lapse in communication? If you flashback-ed to all the meetings where Skype refused to behave, we don’t blame you. The onset of Unified Communications promised not only effective but secure communication too. This meant integrating voice, video and data traffic in one network infrastructure.

With Bring Your Own Device policy becoming a norm across offices, 5G technology along with upgrades across cloud computing, AI and Internet of Things are predicted to transform Unified Communications. Along with security, your meetings and video conferences across boardrooms and collaboration spaces are about to become more seamless.

Dipping storage needs and privacy concerns

In a world where mobiles are on the brink of jumping to terabyte storage, using up lesser storage sounds baffling, doesn’t it? The feeling of accessing your data at arm’s reach may sound utopian but with edge computing, this is possible.

Complementing your cloud network, edge computing processes your office data near your network. Moving from a centralised server or network, this improves the performance and decreases downtime of your network. Your network will now be secure, save bandwidth and consume lesser data.


Making unpaid labour legal

No, we aren’t hinting at shady recruitment drives. But imagine an employee that takes your workload and requires little to no monetary compensation. When Alexa for Business was launched, it set several wheels in motion.

True automation in workplaces is no longer a far-off dream. By that, we mean technology that would go beyond just scheduling meetings or ordering office supplies. We mean automating time-consuming process like hiring, securing your data, building profit-driven processes for your business.

Teamwork over all else

A big takeaway from 2019 was collaboration – huddle spaces being preferred over large boardrooms was just the start. Offices world over recognize how important collaboration is for making decisions and being productive.

Making your office collaboration-friendly requires more than just enabling a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ arrangement. Although, that is a good start. Video conferencing solutions in the market today offer sensor-enabled cameras and microphones that intelligently track the speaker or presenter and focus on them.


The 2020 AV trends in workplaces sure are exciting. But trying to incorporate all of them without assessing your office’s needs will do more harm than good. Reach out to the office experts. We visualise and create productive workplaces where there were once offices.