O2K partners with Sound Control Technology


O2K is a pioneer in making quality audio and visual experiences accessible to workplaces all across the country. Therefore, we realize how high the stakes are when the quality of the display or visual technology is compromised – especially when it comes to video conferencing. Putting an end to glitchy images and shoddy audio input with RemoteCam, Sound Control Technologies demonstrates an installation that is as simple and easy as ‘plug and play’.

Reckoned as a world leader in camera integration, Sound Control offers the cleanest on-wall, in-wall and ceiling camera mounting designs. Thanks to rack shelves accommodating head-end and receiver-end modules, SCT promises easy cable management – possibly the cleanest mounting solution in the AV industry. Being reputed for creating cost-effective video and video management solutions means innovation is a constant at SCT.


Benefits of RemoteCam

  • It saves costs and time while integrating high-definition PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras in offices
  • It offers a transparent link between camera and headend, a time-saving alternative to traditional infrastructure cabling
  • Enabled with UTP cables, the RemoteCam cancels out any electromagnetic interferences, thus reducing any noise and crosstalk
  • Being a PTZ camera, RemoteCam can focus, tilt and pan without any external movements

Every RemoteCam kit comes with interconnecting cables, power, and modules. Their new RemoteTableKit is compatible with Cisco Room Kits for HDMI, Ethernet/POE and three Cisco microphones over a single CAT6 cable. Now every video conference is a flawless experience. We partner with Sound Control Technologies to offer your workplace the complete AV upgrade.

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