O2K Partners with Cisco Webex Rooms to create Smarter Offices


How often have meetings begun with a solid agenda only to diffuse into other unrelated discussions? We understand enhancing workplace productivity begins with empowering office functions. From creating huddle spaces to christening your workspace with AV integration, our office experts intuitively tune into your needs. Sleek boardrooms with 4K displays and high-end Audio and Video systems created. The rest of the office also receives a much-needed AV upgrade. But what if all these technologies seamlessly integrated to transform your office into one great AV hub?

No, these aren’t ramblings of a dreamer. Even a hint of a new AV technology release gets us excited. So, when our partner Cisco announced that yes, offices can become AV hubs – we were nothing short of mind-blown. The Cisco Webex Rooms offers AV integration that we have always craved. Here’s what we love about Cisco Webex.

Medium to large – scaling, not paling in comparison

We all love scalable technology – after all, this is why we own and use laptops, mobiles and smart watches, often simultaneously. But with AV integration carrying the experience of a huddle space into a board room may not always be rewarding.

Cisco Webex Room Panorama uses Cisco Quad Camera, 8K and 4K Displays, to deploy panorama video, speaker tracking and auto-framing. This means even large meetings become collaboration-friendly – inclusive, leaving no opinion unheard.


Better Presentations, Smarter Decisions

The crux of any presentation or meeting is the exchange of ideas. But more importantly, it is the premise of all major decision-making in the office. It is no surprise that when this process is made effortless, better – more informed – decisions are taken.

Cisco Webex introduces wired and wireless 4K content sharing on dual screens. Accommodating two content sources, everything from weekly reviews to quarterly board meetings now allows more collaboration. While integrated speakers and microphones make discussions hassle-free, automatic noise suppression cuts off ambient noises. The result? Focused meetings and smarter decisions.


AV Integration as simple as 1, 2, 3

No matter how cutting-edge an AV instrument or technology is, it has to exist in tandem with other equipment. Where technology is impressive but incompatible, Cisco Webex is both remarkable and offers cloud-based integration.

It’s ‘Automatic Wake Up’ feature recognizes participants by their mobiles, thus offering an uninterrupted meeting experience. Offering cloud-based functionalities, Cisco enables better real-time team collaboration.


As Thomas Edison best put it, the value of an idea lies in its use. And we believe Cisco Webex has perfected every use-case scenario in the workplace. Excited about the transformation Cisco Webex Rooms will bring to your office?

Let our office experts take over.