O2K partners with Amazon Echo for a seamless office experience


Imagine having an office assistant who works 24*7, never makes a mistake, is always on time even when it is pouring outside! Enter Alexa for Business, Amazon’s cloud linked, voice-activated assistant who is here to make your work life simple and get more work done.

Our partnership with Amazon allows us to integrate Amazon Echo with our Room Management Systems for enhanced workplace experience. It can be integrated across meeting spaces and large venues, optimizing workspaces, reducing operation costs, and improving productivity. Secure and scalable, our RMS solution can be customized to suit your needs.

How Alexa Works for You

Alexa for Business uses information about an organization’s devices, user accounts and enabled skills to respond or perform the requested action.

Alexa works in two ways:

  • As a shared device which multiple employees can interact with, in locations such as conference rooms, huddle rooms, and lobbies. Imagine just having to say ‘Alexa, start the meeting’ for a call with remote participants and not wasting precious minutes in dealing with bridge lines, passcodes, and web presentation programs.
  • As a personal assistant for individual productivity tasks. Get Alexa to book the table at the fanciest restaurant in town for dinner with your client.

Uses of Alexa in an Office Environment

  • Simplifying Conference Rooms – Alexa is the perfect office assistant to help you kick off audio and video conferences with a voice command without having to dial in or look up conference call information manually. It is also your best bet to reserve meeting rooms for that last-minute brainstorming session or that big meeting due tomorrow. Set temperatures, switch on lights and draw the blinds, just with a simple voice command.
  • Creating a Productive Workforce – Give a shout out to Alexa to manage schedules, create and manage to-do lists, check calendars and set reminders, move and cancel meetings, report issues to IT or order new supplies. Alexa takes care of the fluff so that you can focus on the crucial tasks.
  • Business Apps – You also have access to several Alexa skills (apps) already available like skills which enable Alexa to read out your emails or read out business data and KPIs from Google Sheets. Get Alexa to quickly run the numbers with you before the Big Boss calls in.