O2K Partners with Holosonics for a Precise Sound Experience


O2K is happy to announce our partnership with Boston-based Holosonics. Founded by Dr. F. Joseph Pompei, Holosonic Research Labs, Inc. are the creators of the patented Audio Spotlight Sound System. The Audio Spotlight PrivateSound™ technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the precision of light, focussing on the targeted listeners with quiet everywhere else.

Benefits of the Technology

  • With a narrow sound beam wide enough to cover only 1-2 people, Audio Spotlight provides localized sound with quiet everywhere else.
  • Specific display areas or audiences can be targeted without unwanted audio bleed.
  • Several soundtracks can be played simultaneously in one room, without any audio collision, or any significant bleed between adjacent activations, or outside of the intended viewing area.

Since 2000, Audio Spotlight systems have been installed in thousands of locations around the world, from museums, exhibits, galleries and retail stores, to digital signage and special projects.


Applications of Audio Spotlight Technology for O2K

O2K has partnered with Holosonics to enhance our AV solutions across the board:

  • Conferencing Solutions – Quieter open-air meeting spaces with limited sound bleed
  • Digital Signage – Illuminating products with sound, attracting people without adding to ambient noise.
  • Retail Experience – Targeting specific display areas or audiences with sound without filling the entire store with unwanted noise
  • Customer Experience Centers – A complete immersive experience with high-quality, precisely targeted sound

Image courtesy – Holosonics