Microsoft Surface Hub heralds new age in technology for collaboration


2020 ushered unprecedented transformation in workplaces across the globe. Whether enterprises welcomed or resisted this shift from offline to online operations, virtual team collaboration is here to stay. As an organization deeply invested in workspace AV integration, we realised virtual collaboration systems were still an unmet need.

In partnership with CYVIZ, a renowned global technology provider, we sought to remedy this. With its proprietary virtual collaboration software, CYVIZ standardizes technology and makes it scalable.

Enter Microsoft Surface Hub 2S – an AV technology for collaboration that internalizes team spirit. An all-in-one digital whiteboard, meeting platform and computing device, Microsoft Surface Hub multi-tasks so your team can do it all.


Window to productivity

Integrated with Windows, the Microsoft Surface Hub runs your must-have Microsoft apps on the device. Integrated with Office 365, all your files are in one place. That means less clutter – during discussions and digitally.

Offering a precise inking experience, the Surface Hub Pen is a workplace collaboration technology that elevates every meeting into a collaboration-driven experience that is hands-on.


Wire less, work more

Goodbye, chunky cables and navigating presentations warily to avoid tripping on that one rogue wire. Now walk – or log – in to meetings without fumbling with USBs. Integrated with Miracast, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is equipped to receive and project content wirelessly.

Steelcase Roam and APC Charge Mobile Battery are – technology for collaboration proprietarily built so the Surface Hub can function over 100+ minutes cable-free. Roll into meetings without losing any momentum.


High-end: resolution, sound and productivity

We have all had days when we were at the top of our game – shredded through to do lists, gained traction on future tasks and radiated productivity. With the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, everyday is designed to help you collaborate, move faster and deliver more.

Integrated with a 4K Camera, far-field mics, crystal-clear speakers and a 4K+ resolution screen, Surface Hub has transcended AV communication in the workspace today.


Transformation is more than just a policy on paper. It is investing in resources and technology that rejig your office into a cohesive hub of productivity – even while functioning remotely. O2K partners with Microsoft to bring a revolutionary edge to office collaboration.

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