Learn how the all-new Samsung Wall can elevate your meetings!


Samsung loves making headlines with its massive micro-LED displays, and they just unveiled a monstrous 146-inch version of “The Wall” for meetings. However, unlike its previous micro-LED panels, which required expert assembly, the new 110-inch MicroLED TV will be ready to view right out of the (big) box. Experience the innovation of Samsung with our legacy!

The Wall is the epitome of innovation. It is constantly providing new ways to make unrivalled visual statements. The Wall has redefined the LED paradigm once more, and it now overcomes the industry’s largest hurdle by substantially improving installation.

Black Seal Technology

The screen is blanketed in a deep black background that is perfectly consistent, offering a seamless canvas for your meetings. The black seal technology creates purer black levels with more depth, resulting in unrivalled contrast and fine detail.

Ultra Chroma Technology

Colours leap to life with a spectacular vibrancy to recreate scenes as if you were there sitting with your colleagues. Narrower wavelengths enhance the picture quality making the viewing experience superior to the conventional LEDs.


Pre-assembled installation

Drastically simplify installation by docking the background plates and just hanging three or four preset modules, depending on the display size.

Pre-assembled installation

Eliminate a cumbersome configuration process to get the display up and running faster, the Wall has an inbuilt control box integrated into the display. Control your meetings without fuss.

All-inclusive Components

Get your meeting room set up and running in a jiff. The Wall has everything packed from the control box and wall brackets to speakers and deco bezels. No additional purchases or components are required, allowing you to focus on setting up your meeting room.


Neural Quantum Processor 4K

Bring the powerful AI processor into your workspace. Deliver superior visuals in meetings by enhancing contrast and removing noise from the display.

Enjoy smoother streams and a seamless conference experience every time with the Samsung Wall display solutions. Contact our expert team today to know more about how the Samsung Wall All-In-One can enhance your workspace’s productivity and aesthetics.


Greatness that takes your meeting experience beyond the horizon!

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