Immerse Into Teams Rooms - the Effective Hybrid Meeting Solution


The room erupts in laughter as you share another pun to lighten the stress of looming deadlines. The tension regarding your latest project dissipates and everyone feels at ease - inspired even to take on the new challenge.The VR glasses come off and with them, the feeling of camaraderie that you were inundated in moments ago.

But does immersive have to mean heavy technological investment? After all, a significant amount of research validates and proves face-to-face meetings work better than remote ones. It’s a cold, hard fact - set in stone.

So, can any technology really replace the laughter stifled when a presenter accidentally shares an innuendo? Or the collective relief exchanged in glances when your team narrowly escapes a reprimanding? Or even the buzz of team spirit from a particularly productive brainstorming session?

Human connections - professional or personal - are forged by working together, in sync with each other. With a hybrid working situation, it’s now up to meeting room technology to rise up and bridge this chasm. Microsoft Teams Rooms were designed to do just that - by transforming meetings into immersive experiences.

For Work Meetings that Work


Meetings are the hot-seat of all decision making - whether decision taken relates only to your team or determines the fate of your entire organization. So, it is only reasonable that the meeting space is conducive not just for conversation but for real-time collaboration, too.

With tools like ‘whiteboard’, participants can ideate across devices and locations. And with AI-powered content capture, even remote participants can view these digital enhanced ideas in real-time like they are in the same room. Additionally Microsoft Teams Rooms come in presets like Meet & Present, Co-creation and Mixed to serve different meeting goals you may have

Foster Better Client Partnerships


Nothing beats being in the same room as your client - as Globaltrender notes, 76% of people believe meeting face to face with clients is more effective than remote working. Recreating or replicating this environment of trust virtually is the key

With a level of automation that controls your meeting room, equipment and devices - you no longer have to fumble with buttons while trying to make a convincing pitch. Moreover AI-enabled live speaker-assigned captions ensures every conversation and discussion becomes transparent.

With video layouts that allow participants to view content, discuss and presenters, meetings become organic conversations, earning trust.

Inclusive for Stronger Teams


‘Zoom fatigue’ or ‘Meeting Burnout’ was a commonly observed phenomenon of working-from-home and hybrid work, resulting from an overwhelming volume of meetings. A number that can be easily cut down maximising the time available. With a slew of collaboration tools like in-meeting chats, and integrated note and calendar applications, Microsoft Teams Rooms helps every meeting become a productive hub.

But, besides helping your team make the most of every meeting, Teams Rooms is also focused on fostering better team connectivity. After all, every team relies on a strong communication channel to not just work - but work together

Microsoft Teams’ ‘Front Row’ video layout means every team member - remote or in-room - has an even meeting field. With microphones and a camera that work seamlessly to capture speakers, every participant feels heard and seen.

A Teams Revolution


When it comes to evolving meetings, it is not about how futuristic your meeting room technology is. It is wholly about how viscerally it understands people’s communication needs and moulds itself to meet them.

Conversations can either remain ideas or metamorphose into innovation or practices. What determines their path are your people - and more importantly, how they function in a team.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is the catalyst - the immersive hybrid meeting solution that can power this change in your organisation.