How to Drastically Improve Your Team Meetings with O2K & Teams Rooms


No matter the size or working style of your organization, every team relies on safe and vibrant collaboration to function like a well-oiled machine. But, teams are made of people, not machines - so how can inflexible infrastructure and systems become people and team friendly? By not just assessing and understanding but also aligning with how people work

With Microsoft Teams Rooms, not just your meeting and conference rooms but also the way your teams brainstorm, collaborate and produce gains an upgrade. Move over redundant meeting tools, Microsoft introduces a new age of meeting spaces that work to make your work more productive and fulfilling.

Hy-breed Solution for Hybrid Work


As organizations across the world navigate the changing landscape of work, your team deserves a solution that anticipates and evolves accordingly. With hybrid working becoming the norm, bridging onsite and remote teams becomes the first priority.

Thanks to dual screen support, Microsoft Teams Rooms offers virtual and in-room participants an even collaboration platform. With video layouts like ‘front row’ teams can chat, view each other and stream content or presentations simultaneously.

Jumpstarting Meetings


With distant connections comes the connection delay we all love to hate - an audio lag here or a video distortion there is enough to devour precious meeting minutes. But, with MTR's audio and video quality management system, your meetings are enhanced thanks to echo and glitch cancellation, wideband audio, and video noise, latency and jitter adjustment.

For participants in the same or nearby meeting space, Microsoft Teams Rooms’ ‘Proximity Join’ automatically allows your personal device to join the meeting and mutes it, if in a shared room. Your personal device, in sync with the meeting room, now lets you chat, engage and share content in real-time.

Meeting Room Management, made Intelligent


With the power of AI, disruption is inevitable - but, more importantly, disruption that eases meeting management is inevitable. At one glance, Rooms Portal helps you assess the condition of your meeting room - monitoring everything from device-level status to debugging actions required to normalize room functioning.

By automating operations management, you can access enhanced guidance, insights, and information of security configuration and updates. Cost and time effective, intelligent meeting room management will save your team, and organization, hours of troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Secure by Design & Device


At the heart of every Microsoft software and service is security. Fortified with industry standard security protocols and enterprise-grade technology, every Microsoft Teams Rooms is an impenetrable hub. Meaning, any communication, data, file-sharing and content emerging from your team are encrypted.

Leveraging avant garde technologies like TLS and SRTP, your data enjoys end-to-end encryption managed by Microsoft PowerShell. Adopting industry’s best security practices like Service-to-Service authentication, Microsoft Teams Rooms makes hybrid work flexible but ensures your organization’s security is unbendable.

Meet at Microsoft Teams Rooms


Proactive, flexible and efficient - meeting rooms are about people as much as they are about spaces or technologies. At O2K, we understand that. In partnership with Microsoft Teams, we are helping organizations across the country leverage this solution to meet, work and collaborate better.