Everything You Need To Know About Taurus UCX – The Future of Meeting Rooms


Imagine a regular meeting room at your workplace. Has there been an instance where the meeting was either delayed or postponed due to ‘technical issues?’ At the surface, it may feel like it was just a postponed meeting. However, putting it under a microscope reveals a little more to it than meets the eye. Delays to start an important meeting cause a domino effect that eventually leads to unproductivity and wasted time. As an organization deeply committed to promoting revolutionary workplace collaboration solutions, we discovered the perfect meeting room solution in Lightware’s Taurus UCX.

O2K partners with Lightware, a veteran innovator in the AV space to bring about ground-breaking meeting room solutions. The universal switcher Taurus UCX is designed to tackle all the common challenges in meeting rooms and collaboration environments – the ultimate platform that allows users to share content seamlessly, switch hosts and control their meeting room intuitively and effectively.

Let us break down the state-of-the-art innovation and why you need one in your workspace.

Welcome to the Age of Taurus

The Taurus UCX delivers unrivalled functionality of collaborative applications, allowing users to easily and intuitively share content, switch devices and control conference systems. Here is why when designing a meeting room, this device must be made a prerequisite.

Key benefits of Taurus UCX – Collaborative Meeting Solutions

  • Supports Full HDMI 2.0 with 4K 60Hz 4: 4: 4 signal transmission
  • Symmetrical USB-C interface for transferring multimedia data from mobile devices and simultaneous charging.
  • Compatible with USB 3.1 Gen1 interface with dedicated switch layer for host switching. – Super-speed USB hub and hub switch to seamlessly and quickly toggle between different host devices.
  • Supports embedding and extracting analog and Dante / AES67 audio
  • Ability to control automated meeting room functions via RS-232, GPIO, Ethernet and OC Sensor
  • Supports secure corporate Ethernet interfaces using SSH, SSL and HTTPS protocols

One Device, Infinite Possibilities

Taurus UCX allows you to integrate and control all the functionalities of a meeting room – right from the webcams to microphones, speakers and screens. This system of simple and fast host switching allows simultaneous use of all USB peripherals through a single platform. Efficient toggling between several applications and unlimited BYOD options make it the most efficient meeting room solution.

Intuitive Data Exchange System

The Taurus UCX serves as an embodiment of the BYOD concept. This isn’t just limited to content sharing, but other functionalities of a professional video conferencing like presentation installations and other collaborative solutions just by connecting your own laptop or mobile to the device.

The all-powered USB-C connection is a clutter-free boon that disguises both as a power transmission and an audio and video signal processing cable, thus negating uninterrupted power disruptions during important discussions.


Multiple App Integrations

The Lightware Taurus UCX allows the users to simultaneously work in multiple video conferencing applications within the same collaborative space. From Cisco Webex to Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, one can switch between the apps with ease, based on the meeting needs and specifications

A revolution in the meeting room spectrum, Taurus UCX offers a holistic collaborative solution tailored to suit all your meeting needs.

O2K takes pride in being one of Lightware’s few partners reselling Taurus UCX in India.

Want a clutter-free meeting room in your office, too?