8 Mind-blowing AV Installations


What if speakers didn’t have conversations with you? And phones remained true to their purpose – calling and messaging? What a bland world we would be living in! Over the years, the AV industry has solely been responsible for creating some of the most memorable experiences. Underneath the software and hardware, this is what the audiovisual industry is all about: innovation.

Here are some jaw-dropping AV installations:


Watch an alien invasion as you wait for your bus to work. Sounds like a scene right out of a movie? This bus shelter treated unsuspecting Londoners to armageddon-ish scenarios in bright daylight. Using live feed of the street and depth mapping, the street outside was transformed to showcase scenes like laser-shooting robots, an incoming asteroid and tentacles emerging from below the ground.


The Live Billboard

Perhaps the most exciting part of AV technology is the ability to have tangible experiences. After all, nothing is more memorable. Set up by the Children With Cancer organisation in the UK, pedestrians could interact with the billboard. Using a customised application, the bell on the billboard could be rung when people shook their phones. Further texting ‘Bell’ allowed them to donate to the fund.

Angry Birds Live

One of the most popular games brought to life, this installation involved AV technology in interaction with other physical objects. While the audience was engrossed in the game, each strike in the game triggered an air cannon to launch a real-life Angry Bird. The audience watched in awe as their favourite game, literally came to life.


Located at Time Square, New York and Highland Centre, Los Angeles was the world’s first Selfiebrator – an iconic balloon board that created a balloon map of your selfie! Fitted with 16 modular balloon boxes and wiring that went five miles long, this display board rasterised selfies audience uploaded on Twitter.

The Invisible Car

Exhibited in Germany, this moving and purring AV installation was covered entirely with a mat of LED lights. A digital SLR camera on the opposite side of the car shot life footage of its surroundings and displayed it on the automobile. Using the same principles as the blue screen used by Hollywood directors, the Invisible Car was a mind-blowing AV installation that Germany got to witness!

Nutella Interactive

Placed in Amsterdam, these interactive panels communicated with pedestrians on the streets. With a hidden camera that gave the Nutella team access to the street, conversations were initiated with the unsuspecting public. Compliments were showered and pedestrians continued to have conversations with digital signage!

Marathon of Future

The world’s first LED running track, Nike’s Unlimited Stadium was a sight to behold. Spanning over an entire city block in Manila, Philippines. Here runners could race against themselves – more appropriately a computer-generated avatar of themselves.