5 MTR Accessories To Enhance Your Meeting Room Experience


Whether you’re shaping up that monthly report or that presentation to bag that big client, remember the ‘how’ is equally important. Does your meeting room network keep buffering or does your sound system carry that mild static? The little things do matter. So, what is the secret to conducting seamless meetings?

Meeting room equipment and additional accessories don’t ‘just work together’. Fortunately for you, our office experts leverage their 25 years’ experience to curate some of the best Microsoft Teams Rooms accessories. Here are 5 conference room accessories to make every meeting a success.

1. Poly Studioz E70


The Poly Studioz E70 camera is the game-changer your hybrid meeting room has been waiting for! With 20MP and 4K sensors, this dual camera provides an immersive meeting experience that's almost as good as being there in person. But wait, there's more!

The camera's split-second privacy controls add an extra layer of security for a comfortable and secure meeting environment while its AI technology works seamlessly to adjust between group framing, people framing, or speaker framing throughout the meeting, making it easier to capture each participant sharp and clear.

With all these features and more, it's easy to see why the Poly Studioz E70 is a must-have accessory for any business looking to elevate its conference room setup to the next level!

Best for Large Meeting Rooms

2. Yealink CP965


It's compact. It's Intelligent. It can automatically mute out background noise while offering 360° coverage for small to medium size meeting rooms. As a powerful extension of the Teams experience, Yealink’s conference phone can single-handedly run meetings, thanks to its 12 microphones and Noise Proof technology.

Packed with a 5” touch screen and powered by Android 9.0 OS, Yealink CP965 makes every audio meeting immersive, thanks to its Optimal HD audio technology - powerful enough to detect and amplify human voice while blocking out the rest.

Best for Mid-size Conference Room

3. Logitech Scribe


Created for teams who collaborate frequently - in person and remotely, Logitech Scribe is a whiteboard camera that makes working on designs, documents effortless. With an AI-powered and custom lens, Scribe helps broadcast whiteboard content with clarity.

From intelligently blocking out the presenter for participants with transparency effect to enhancing the color and contrast of text and sketches, Scribe is a must-have conferencing accessory for MTR. Now, you can review and refer to screenshots from your presentation without being overwhelmed.

Best for: Remote Collaboration

4. EPOS Expand 80T


Want to make your hybrid team meetings more immersive? This ultra-low distortion speaker fitted with six adaptive microphones helps you do just that. Along with superior duplex audio, its microphones are integrated with beamforming that filters everything from room reverb and ambient noise to make human speech standout.

That’s just what makes EPOS Expand 80T a formidable conference room accessory. Wireless or wired - now plug in to every meeting seamlessly. Scalable across different meeting spaces, the Expand 80T comes in different models to accommodate your team - no matter what size. Start collaborating more meaningfully and immersively with EPOS’s Expand 80T today.

Best for: Scalable Audio Experience

5. Bose DS4 Ceiling Audio Solutions


What if you could automatically tune your meeting room’s acoustics to align with your meeting agenda? Taper the volume of media while your colleagues share their opinion or amplify it when there’s a video you want your team - even those remotely working - to take notice of. With the DS4 ceiling audio solution, it’s not wishful thinking anymore.

This easy-to-deploy combo includes the powerful Bose DesignMax DM2C-LP ceiling speakers, Sennheiser TCC2 ceiling microphone and a Bose amplifier and DSP. The TCC2 microphone automatically detects and reconfigures its settings to the room conditions, making your entire meeting’s audio experience intuitive. That’s why this conference room microphone and speaker system will always retain a spot on our best conference room accessories list.

Best for: Intelligent Audio & Collaboration Experience

One-Stop Access To All MTR Accessories

There are so many Microsoft Teams Room-certified accessories apart from the ones mentioned above that can enhance your productivity and meeting room experience. But do you know which ones would be best suited for your office? And do you know the best way to integrate all of your conference room accessories to get the most out of any and every meeting - hybrid or not?

With a 25 year experience, O2K is not just your go-to for building your own Microsoft Teams Rooms with some of these conference room accessories, - our office experts also work with your team to craft the perfect AV integration that meets your needs, challenges and goals. Let’s make your meetings more - immersive, productive and fulfilling.