4 Audio Essentials Every Meeting Room Needs


You’re in an important virtual meeting with a client - confident about your ideas – and you launch into an explanation to make your point. But as soon as you finish - with a feeling of triumph - your client reveals that you weren’t audible through most of the call.

Lived through this nightmare? This is a sign for you to upgrade your audio equipment. Clear communication is essential for any business to grow, network and have an edge over its competitors.

Constant bad connections, echoes, feedbacks, delays, unbalanced frequencies, etc. not only slow down but also negatively impact your meetings. But with audio-optimized meeting rooms, your teams can enjoy productive, uninterrupted meetings. Here is our list of 4 Microsoft Teams -certified audio essentials that are compatible with any meeting room:-

1. QSC DSP - One Device To Control Them All


Recognized as 2020’s best product by Systems Contractor News, the QSC DSP is an audio, video, and control system with 64 x 64 network input/output capacity. Specifically made for larger meeting spaces, the QSC DSP uses 8 channels of acoustic echo cancellation to ensure crystal-clear communication over every channel. Design your meeting room’s AV system for clear communication with the QSC DSP system.

2. Sennheiser Team Connect Ceiling Mic - Be Heard Wherever You Are


Another audio essential we recommend for better meetings is the Sennheiser Ceiling Mic. This microphone ensures every team member’s voice is uplifted and amplified - no matter where they are. The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 combines its patented Automatic Dynamic Beamforming Technology™ to capture the voice of participants along with TruVoicelift’s noise cancellation to make every meeting disruptive, only in the ideas shared.

3. Nureva HDL300 Surface Mic - The Power Of 1000s Of Virtual Microphones In One Space


The HDL 300 system by Nureva is an audio bar that's equipped with the revolutionary Microphone Mist Technology™ to intelligently target and offer audio coverage across your entire meeting space. Intuitively simple to use and control, it helps focus on the person speaking and reduces background noise. Platform-agnostic, it can be used across Unified Communications and Collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom, Google and more.

4. Shure Stem System - Captures The Voice, Cancels The Noise


Made specifically for noisy offices, the Shure Stem System’s simple-to-mount ceiling microphone array is equipped with audio fencing technology. The microphone array’s coverage can be adjusted across small, regular, and large meeting spaces to fence outside noise and amplify your team’s voices.

Effective Meetings via Efficient Audio Systems


The most productive meetings are those where the audio is clear and crisp. Maximize your business’ productivity with well-designed meeting spaces equipped with these O2K-recommended audio essentials.

With more than 24 years in the AV space, we have the expertise your office needs to create foolproof meeting spaces. From understanding the needs of your organization to designing and implementing solutions that seamlessly integrate with your meeting room architecture, we do it all. Connect with our office experts today to build audio-efficient meeting rooms for you.