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Challenges are our favorite thing, says O2K, and its 25-year history of delivering exceptional AV solutions is a testament to its problem-solving process. In a recent project with TomTom, a leading Dutch company that provides navigation technology and digital mapping solutions for automotive, fleet management, and mobile applications, O2K showcased its ability to transform the company's AV setup into a seamless and agile workspace. The results were impressive, making it a project deserving of recognition.

A Mountain Of Challenges

Some of the challenges TomTom wrestled with that hindered their ability to collaborate efficiently included difficult-to-use meeting room equipment, a lack of a unified video conferencing platform, subpar audio quality, heavy reliance on IT teams, and no provision for bring your own device (BYOD). Understanding the unique needs of TomTom, O2K set out to create an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing workspace with a crafted AV solution that seamlessly addressed all their needs.

The Game Plan To Break Down The Mountain

O2K's team of CTS-certified experts worked closely with TomTom's in-house team to analyze the existing infrastructure and identify areas that required improvement. With their comprehensive understanding of TomTom's needs, O2K developed a customized plan to upgrade small, medium, and large meeting rooms, as well as town hall spaces, NOC, and collaboration areas. This collaborative approach ensured that the final solution met all of TomTom's requirements while also incorporating O2K's expertise in AV technology.

The plan included a range of recommended features, such as

  • MTR as the primary video collaboration platform
  • One-touch meeting entry
  • Wireless presentation capabilities
  • Retractor-based cable management
  • Retractor-based cable management
  • A room booking solution
  • Digital ceiling microphones to reduce clutter
  • A wayfinding solution
  • A centralized Teams Rooms management system

The Stumbling Stone That Turned Into a Stepping Stone

After months of ideation, the O2K team encountered a roadblock - TomTom's infrastructure was not flexible enough to accommodate the new AV solutions. However, O2K's flexibility as a team shone through as they went back to the drawing board and developed a fresh set of solutions that were perfectly tailored to work with the existing infrastructure.

This approach not only saved TomTom’s time and resources in creating an entirely new infrastructure but also demonstrated O2K's commitment to working with their client’s unique needs. After 6 months of tireless work, they finally arrived at a clear and comprehensive plan ready for implementation. O2K's expert installation team skillfully brought the plan to life, ensuring that the final result was both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.


Turning Challenges Into Success With Technology

O2K had to address TomTom's unique AV requirements with precision and they geared up to unscramble the puzzle. With a perfectly curated set of solutions, O2K broke the wall of challenges, opening doors of opportunity for TomTom to walk towards AV perfection.

Enhancing Experience With Microsoft Teams Rooms:

Cable cubbies with retractors were installed in all rooms to create hassle-free meeting areas. This small change created a huge impact as it made the meeting room space more organized, clean, and distraction-free.


Eliminating Cable Clutter:

Cable cubbies with retractors were installed in all rooms to create hassle-free meeting areas. This small change created a huge impact as it made the meeting room space more organized, clean, and distraction-free.

Crystal Clear Audio:

O2K installed microphones in each room, tailored to the room's size, that ensured voices were heard clearly from every corner of the room.

High-Quality Video Transmission:

Large meeting spaces were installed with high-quality video transmission technology that ensured clear signals over longer distances, without any loss in quality.


Room Booking System & 3D Navigation Display:

All meeting rooms were managed and booked through a cloud-based application called 'Go Bright'. A Wayfinder display was set up at the reception area to facilitate the easy location of meeting spaces, providing directions in a 3D format for an effortless navigation through office premises.

Traffic Tracker:

Multiple interactive displays were connected to the video wall processor which was mapped with live streams from clouds that hold real-time data on the traffic, providing a visually engaging way to track traffic patterns.

The Total Makeover

O2K's AV innovations redefined the TomTom workplace, creating a space that enhanced productivity and collaboration.

Large Spaces:

O2K refurbished the large town hall setups with high-end directional loudspeakers that provided the ultimate audio reach for the space. In addition to this, wireless microphones, presenters, and tracking cameras were added to enhance the town hall event experience.


Training Rooms:

The training rooms were equipped with large format displays and an audio system that was Teams- certified, making training sessions more effective.


Board Room:

O2K gave the board room a total makeover, installing stunning displays, audio systems, ceiling microphones, whiteboards, and cable cubbies. To add to the seamless experience, all products were connected with Microsoft Teams Rooms with both wireless and wired connectivity.

Huddle spaces:

To enhance brainstorming sessions, O2K designed an entire floor with multiple small and medium-sized huddle spaces with displays, to enable presentation capabilities.

A Glowing Testimony

Upon completion of the project, TomTom expressed their gratitude for O2K's optimal use of space, resources, and time, stating that "their knowledge and professionalism have never failed to surprise us, not to mention their talented technicians who made sure all the products were installed to perfection. Their onsite presence and assistance throughout the events were commendable."

A Masterpiece in AV Transformation

The transformation of TomTom's workspace was a true masterpiece, a culmination of six months of meticulous planning and execution by O2K's experienced team. From selecting each product based on its performance, commercial advancement, and availability in India, to installing them to perfection, every aspect of the project was executed with precision.

O2K's innovative solutions went beyond the conventional approach of restricting AV solutions to meeting rooms and transformed the entire TomTom office into a collaborative workspace, integrating technology seamlessly into every nook and corner, for a world of the future.


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