Town Halls

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Large Venues

Large venues by virtue of their size and audience necessitate AV systems that ensure uniform audibility. Backed by an experience of 20 years, we design flexible and personalized AV, light and control solutions for large venues that complement the variety of events hosted and engage the audience for a memorable experience.
Conducting live events is a complex task, but we deliver a seamless experience with the latest technology in audio and video distribution with effective noise control, digital signage, large-scale HD and 4K displays and LED video walls, lighting management and, audio and video broadcast systems. Centralized management of the auditorium is enabled via touch-based controllers which allow event managers to stay in control.
Most organizations today invest in multipurpose or multi-utility spaces to enhance office space productivity. Multipurpose halls designed by O2K help organizations create flexible spaces which can be adapted for different collaborative events and audience sizes with easy to reconfigure AV solutions. These halls can be separated using floating walls or be used as a single space to serve different business functions like press conferences, investor meetings, and training rooms.

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Town Hall meetings are specifically organized when important information needs to be broadcasted to a wide audience via web streaming. Though the specifications are similar to that of an auditorium, this unique set up can be established in a variety of areas such as cafeterias, workstations or even break out zones. We offer customizable solutions with high-contrast projectors, LFD displays combined with DTH connectivity that may include a single floor or an entire location depending on your requirements.