Retail Experience & Digital Signage

Retail Experience

O2K’s integrated AV solutions help retailers transform their customers’ shopping experience by creating a personalized, engaging, and interactive environment. We are shaping next-generation retail spaces with futuristic technologies, from interactive displays, augmented reality and virtual reality to lighting control, digital signage, and video walls that stream HD and 4K content on product information and promotions. Additionally, BGM from PlayNetwork is offered as an add-on solution to enhance the acoustic experience of a retail space.
These complex systems are seamlessly managed by a centralized control with an easy user interface, giving retailers complete control. Besides creating a pleasing multi-sensorial experience and targeting customers with customized marketing campaigns, our AV solutions help them experience the products before they buy them.

Digital Signage

We offer digital signage solutions that use LCD, LED and projection technologies to communicate effectively with a select audience using targeted messages developed in the form of video content, advertisements, messages, images, etc. These messages can also be personalized based on user profiles. Found in both private and public environments such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and corporate buildings, digital signages attract greater attention than static, printed signs. Within a corporate environment, digital signage in cafeterias, break out spaces and receptions can be used to inform, motivate or educate your staff.
We manage all our digital signage centrally either through a server or a web-based management system, avoiding large capital outlays for the controller equipment with the aid of our well-organized AV design.

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