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When Fujitec, a leading Japanese company in the manufacturing and installation of elevators, escalators, and moving walkway systems, approached O2K with a vision to transform the conventional elevator experience into an immersive sensory journey for its user, it wasn't just a project - it was the creation of a whole new world.

With its global presence and reputation for safety, reliability, and innovative design, Fujitec needed an AV solution that would match their high standards. And that's where O2K stepped in - taking on the challenge to elevate the elevator experience to new heights. The result was nothing short of extraordinary - an out- of-the-world experience that was the first of its kind in the world. In their 25 years of providing AV solutions, this project stands out as a testament to O2K's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Elevator Experience Reimagined

As exciting as the project was, O2K understood that the challenges presented by Fujitec's requirement were no easy feat. Nevertheless, the team eagerly embarked on the project, employing their experience and expertise to deliver a unique and innovative solution that brought the client’s vision to life.

The initial phase involved a detailed analysis of the project requirement including a thorough research on various types of displays, including LCD, LED, and Active LED, that would perfectly provide this immersive experience. The team was tasked with finding a product that could withstand the physical demands of a moving lift. Their diligent efforts paid off when they identified LG's OLED displays that provide high- resolution and dynamic color contrast, meeting the installation’s unique requirements. Happy with the outcome, Fujitec approved the design without any reservations.

The Hurdles Before the High

The O2K team faced numerous challenges during the implementation of the project, ranging from unexpected delays due to Covid-19 to design and infrastructural hurdles. Each challenge was tackled by the O2K team with creativity and persistence, leading to an extraordinary experience for the lift users.

  • Unexpected Delay in Project Execution - Despite having all plans in place, the COVID-19 lockdown caused a delay in the construction of the lift space, pushing back the project timeline.
  • Unforeseen Display Issues - As the COVID-19 situation improved and things began to return to normal, O2K resumed work on the project only to discover that the LG 65-inch OLED was no longer in production. This unexpected setback created a significant design challenge, forcing the team to abandon their original plan and start over from scratch.
  • Infrastructural Redesign - After an extensive research, O2K identified the 55-inch OLED display as the most suitable option. However, it soon became apparent that there was another significant challenge that had to be addressed. The existing lift car could not accommodate the 55-inch display as it was designed for the 65-inch display, necessitating a complete reengineering of the space.
  • The AV Rack Installation- To enhance the lift experience O2K decided to install an AV rack and equipment on top of the lift car. This necessitated close coordination with the factory to design cable placement and routing, and the lift's flexible conduit cable duct. After which, wired network connectivity was achieved through fiber cabling, routed from the motor room to the AV rack that is on top of the lift car. Thus, making space for all the equipment, without occupying space inside the car.
  • User Interface Both Inside And Outside The Car-The wireless handheld touch panels were ergonomically designed for easy use and to allow users to view the lift’s features on the go. The user interface boasts double backup functionality, with backup available both on the lift control panel and from a remote desktop, ensuring reliable operation at all times.
  • In light of these circumstances, O2K assumed a new role of finding infrastructural solutions based on extensive research to share insights with the Fujitec team on how the lift car could be engineered to fit in the display. The outcome of this research yielded several options for redesigning the space. Fortunately, the client was open to suggestions, and the lift car was redesigned to accommodate 20 55- inch displays. This collaborative approach to a complex challenge and O2K’s relentless pursuit of excellence eventually led to a breakthrough.
  • Installation Challenges - One of the key challenges faced during the installation phase was the mounting structure for the displays. The displays had to support the high-speed lift movement, which could reach up to 7 meters per second, and the structure had to be maintenance-free while also holding the display in a 360-degree orientation during movement.

The team at O2K tackled this issue by developing a special mounting mechanism that securely held the displays in place despite the high-speed lift movement. The mechanism was carefully designed with toughened glass to protect the floor displays and prevent any damage during fast movement. This solution not only met the technical requirements but also ensured the safety of the displays and the lift users.

Elevating the Experience

With all the visual elements in place, O2K installed a 5.1 audio system to complement the immersive video experience in the lift area. The audio system had to be carefully tuned in a reflective environment and placed inside the lift to ensure an immersive audio experience.

An effective visual component was essential to the success of the project. Recognizing the importance of this aspect, O2K developed visually stunning and highly realistic immersive content that took passengers on a thrilling ride to the skies for an unforgettable experience.

An Uplifting Testimony

After the completion of the lift and its first successful ride, Fujitec expressed their satisfaction with the final outcome, stating that 'Just after a couple of requirement briefs, they proposed a design that matched our concept and vision. They truly delivered a world-class project.' Fujitec further acknowledged the tangible value that the project would bring to their business and their clients.

O2k Elevate Success to New Heights

With 25 years of Experience and a dedication to excellence,O2k continues to raise the bar of complex project design and innovative execution.This Project is yet another example of their ability to turn obstacles into effective AV Solutions,enabiling them and Fujitech to take their success to new heights.


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